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Children’s Centre

The Nehru Learning Centre for Children & Youth (NLCCY) started in 2007 with a range of open activities and events, including Freedom Week and 150 Years of 1857. The Centre’s activities are aimed at keeping alive the legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru, who had a special interest in child-citizenship, and focusses on the values of democracy, secularism and pluralism.

Conceived as a resource centre for children as well as adults working with children, the Centre has initiated a series of regular programmes, drawing upon the presence of the Museum, Library and Planetarium. These include:

  • Story Cupboard / Kitabon ka Pitara, a monthly programme based on children’s literature.
  • Talking to Teachers / Shikshakon se Baatcheet, a bi-monthly programme on issues of education and pedagogy.
  • The World Around Us / Hamari Duniya, a bi-monthly programme that seeks to open out the natural and physical world for children in new ways.

In addition, the Centre also organizes special events that draw upon specific commemorative days such as Children’s Day, World Disability Day or Wildlife Week. A monthly film screening of films for children and young people is also being planned. The Children Library at the Centre is being revamped and should be functional in the coming future and will include programmes like a regular Story Hour for younger children.

The Centre works in collaboration with teacher-educators, writers, filmmakers, artists and scientists and partners with organisations like National Bal Bhavan, Pratham Books and Children’s Film Society of India. While the Centre is currently working with municipal schools and government colleges, it will also develop programmes that are open to all in the future to enable children and young people from all backgrounds, schools and institutions to draw upon its resources and generate a dialogue amongst themselves.

In the coming year, the Centre will organize a set of outreach programmes that focus on Nehru and his contribution to nation-building and connect this to our contemporary and future needs. The outreach programmes will aim to understand the kind of India that Nehru imagined and the issues that at present young people have to confront in their lives. Through a diverse set of activities, including an exhibition, heritage walks, film screenings and presentations, the NLCCY hopes to ignite the minds of the children who participate in the programmes and set them upon a path of reflection.

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