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The Nehru Memorial Museum & Library


NMML 'Nehru's World' Workshop_Audio Links

To this end, the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library hosted a series of three events, each with a distinct focus and thematic coherence. This workshop was the first of the three events on Nehru and the World. All are open events and aim to provide a platform for original and creative scholars to share their approaches with us.

The following five papers were presented in the ‘Nehru’s World’ workshop and the audios of all papers are on the website. Please find the link below: workshop.html

  1. Prof. Srinath Raghavan, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, ‘Revisiting the China Crisis 1959-62’, 19 April, 2014.AUDIO NO- (1)
  2. Dr. C. Raja Mohan, Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi ‘Beyond Idealism: Power and purpose of Nehru’s geopolitics’, 19 April, 2014. AUDIO NO- (2)
  3. Mr. Shivshankar Menon, National Security Advisor, Government of India, ‘A Nehruvian Foreign Policy Today’, 19 April, 2014. AUDIO NO- (3)
  4. Mr. Chandrashekhar Dasgupta, The Energy and Resource Institute, New Delhi, ‘Nehru, Patel and China’, 19 April, 2014. AUDIO NO- (4)
  5. Dr. Pallavi Raghavan, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi ‘The Making of India-Pakistan Dynamics: Nehru, Liaquat and the No-War Pact correspondence of 1950’, 19 April, 2014. AUDIO NO- (5)

The attached poster was also prepared for the workshop.

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