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Audio Links_NMML 'Nehru's India' Workshop

Our commemoration takes the form of a reflection on Nehru and his world. His universe obviously included India, but it embraced all of humanity. As he shaped India in so many different ways over more than five decades, he was aware, more than most of his generation, that it was an India in the world, not an India locked into itself. He ceaselessly reflected upon how this particular was related to an universal and how they shaped each other. Perhaps India itself provided a model of it, of how the immense multiplicity within India could constitute the larger entity, which he summed up in the formula, “unity in diversity.” All the three events have a distinct focus and thematic coherence and aim to provide a platform for original and creative scholars to share their approaches with us.

The following six papers were presented in the ‘Nehru’s India’ workshop and the audios of all papers are on the website. Please find the link below: workshop.html

  1. Dr. Ornit Shani, ‘Rewriting the Bureaucratic Colonial Imagination in the Preparation for the First Elections’, 1st May, 2014. Audio No- (6)
  2. Prof. Nasir Tyabji, ‘The Politics of Industry in Nehru’s India’,1st May, 2014. Audio No- (7)
  3. 3.Dr. Venu Madhav Govindu, ‘The Gandhian Response to the Challenges of Independence’, 1st May, 2014. Audio No- (8)
  4. 4.Dr. Jahnavi Phalkey, ‘Science and Technology for Nehru’s India’, 1st May, 2014. Audio No- (9)
  5. 5.Prof. Sudhir Krishnaswamy, ‘Nehru and the Supreme Court: A plea for institutional comity’, 1st May, 2014. Audio No- (10)
  6. 6.Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy, ‘Tracing Nehru in Contemporary Indian Politics’, 1st May, 2014. Audio No- (11)
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