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‘Post Liberation Goa: Disruption, loss and the search for renewal’,15th May, 2015 .

‘Post Liberation Goa: Disruption, loss and the search for renewal’

Dr. Ms. Maria Aurora Couto,
Independent Researcher and Writer,


This paper offers a personal perspective of Goan society after its Liberation from Portuguese rule in December 1961: the birth of democracy, changes from the early modernity of Portuguese colonialism to the late modernity of British colonialism and the Indian system of administration , from an agrarian to an industrial economy, from a feudal society to the effects of globalization. changes that affected language, culture, environment, demography and way of life. Goa has consistently figured at the top table of growth and per capita income. However, in many senses it is a society in tumult. Celebrated for its inclusiveness and cosmopolitanism, yet during the era of liberalisation and globalisation that very identity and contradiction within has led to such rapid changes that it is hard to see how and where we go from here.


Ms. Maria Aurora Couto has taught English Literature in Goa and Delhi. Her publications include On the Frontier: Politics and Religion in the Novels of Graham Greene, Goa: A Daughter's Story, Etnography of Goa , Daman and Diu - a translation from a classic in Portuguese, Filomena's Journeys: Portrait of a Marriage, a Family and a Culture.

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